Summit to connect freelancers, start-up enthusiasts



Daily Thanthi


Chennai Freelancers Club (CFC), a platform connecting freelancers and start-up enthusiasts, is set to host the Chennai Freelancer Summit – 2023, one of the largest local freelancers’ gatherings. The summit aims to foster collaboration on common gig grounds, organise sessions and talks, and shed light on current freelancing trends. Jaya Shakthi Kannan, one of the speakers at the event, shares with DT Next, “This marks one of the most significant freelancing summits in Tamil Nadu, boasting over 200+ freelancers, solopreneurs, and start-up founders. Networking is crucial for freelancers, and this event provides expert talks for learning. The award ceremony adds a layer of recognition, offering freelancers opportunities for new projects. It serves as an excellent starting point for newcomers and provides sustainability insights for experienced freelancers.” The event is scheduled for November 25 at Hotel Turyaa, Perungudi. Chennai Freelancers Club is a freelancer’s community based in Chennai, running for over five years, with over 2,500+ freelance enthusiasts as part of this family. “As a community sharing a vision of contributing to sustainable freelancing, we engage by conducting domain-centric events, workshops, and speaker sessions to effectively grow the community,” he adds.