Dunzo shifts staff accounts from Google Workspace to Zoho to lower cost



Daily Thanthi



NEW DELHI: Quick-grocery delivery provider Dunzo has shifted all employee accounts from Google Workspace to Zoho in order to bring down costs, media report said on Monday. As per the report, citing sources, the company’s Google Workspace access, which encompasses Gmail, Meet, Sites, Calendar, AppSheet and many more applications, was suspended overnight due to nonpayment to the cloud consultant. This move is expected to lower costs by at least a third for Dunzo. The report also mentioned the sudden suspension of Google Workspace resulted in the loss of people’s email history, including external emails, planning documents (which contained quarterly plans), sprint plans and others. Dunzo also confirmed the development. “This migration is just a regular business decision. There were some initial teething issues for the first couple of days...,” the company spokesperson was quoted as saying.