Kakar: May 9 attackers must not go unpunished

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has said that those involved in the unprecedented attacks on security installations on May 9 this year must not go unpunished and should be tried by military courts.

In an interview with Geo News on Sunday, Kakar referred to the May 9 incidents in Pakistan following the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan in an alleged corruption case.

Kakar said that if the people attack an institution, which is responsible for saving the country from anarchy, they should be tried in military courts as per the law.

On the government’s appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down military trials of civilians allegedly involved in the May 9 violence, Kakar said: “It is quite justified that if anybody attacked any military installation, he or she must be tried in military courts. “

The prime minister also dispelled the impression that his government is biased against some political parties, underlining that holding general elections and handing over responsibilities to the elected government was his utmost priority.

Reacting to concerns voiced by two major political parties about the “transparency “of the upcoming general election in Pakistan, Kakar on Sunday night said the “victim card” could be a “narrative” of any political party.

The two mainstream parties alleged the caretaker government was giving “preferential treatment “to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party and that attempts were being made to pave the way for PML-N’s return to power.






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