Dynastic politics, graft faces of GOP: PM

Congress and its allies are anti-women, anti-Dalit; they are against the Sanatan Dharma, attacks Modi



Daily Thanthi



JAIPUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the Congress government in Rajasthan cannot think of anything except appeasement politics and wants to eradicate sanatan dharma. Ahead of the November 25 assembly polls in Rajasthan, the prime minister addressed rallies in Pali district and in Pilibanga in Hanumangarh district on Monday. He asserted that Rajasthan needs a government which gives top priority to development, whereas for the Congress there is nothing more important than corruption and dynastic politics. He also accused the Congress and its allies of having an anti-women mindset. “Ever since the law giving reservation to women (in Lok Sabha and state assemblies) was passed, they have started a campaign against women. The leaders of ‘ghamandiya’ (arrogant) alliance have made very objectionable comments about our mothers and sisters,” he charged. The prime minister said the Bihar chief minister used derogatory words against women in the assembly but no Congress leader said anything about this. “This is the real face of Congress, which the people of Rajasthan have recognised, “he said. The prime minister also accused the Congress of turning a blind eye to incidents of atrocities against Dalits. “Congress closes its eyes when it sees those committing atrocities against Dalits,” he said. “The Congress government here thinks of nothing except appeasement,” he said and added that because of this policy, those with the mentality of riots and terrorism flourished in the state in the past five years. He alleged that the Congress and its allies want to destroy sanatan dharma. In Pilibanga of Hanumangarh district, PM Modi said that corruption and nepotism were priority wherever the Congress is in power. Now it is also patronising drug smugglers in Rajasthan. Today, the entire country is working day and night for the goal of development and Rajasthan will play a huge role for India to attain a new height in the 21st century.