Stop deceiving, Annamalai tells Aavin on quality



Daily Thanthi


CHENNAI: Condemning the ruling DMK government for its decision to stop the sale of green sachets of milk, the state BJP president K Annamalai on Monday released a test report of State-run Aavin’s milk sachets which shows less fat content and urged the State government to provide quality milk at the fixed price paid by the consumers. Subsequently, the former IPS-officer turned politician urged the State government to immediately stop deceiving the public by reducing the fat content in Aavin milk and not reducing the price. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) study report revealed by the state BJP says that Orange sachet of Aavin milk, which should contain 6 per cent fat content, has only 4.79 per cent fat content. “The corrupt DMK government is deliberately playing with the development of children who depend on Aavin’s milk by reducing the fat content,” said Annamalai in a social media post. Earlier in October, one of the BJP workers brought the 250 ml orange sachet milk from Aavin booth which is advertised by Aavin as 6 per cent fat content milk, and submitted it for testing at the FSSAI laboratory here. According to the test result, the sample milk was handed over to the FSSAI laboratory on October 24, 2023 and an analysis was started by FSSAI chemist by October 25 and it was completed on October 31. Further, pointing out the Aavin’s decision to scrap the sale of green sachets milk, the saffron party leader said that the decision to stop the sale of green sachet milk with 4.5 per cent fat content and to sell purple sachet milk with 3.5 per cent fat content is an act of cheating the consumers.