Cargo van rams aircraft, Chennai-Tiruchy flights cancelled

CHENNAI: A cargo van rammed into an Indigo Airlines aircraft that was parked on the bay on Sunday night, forcing the airline to cancel four services between Chennai and Tiruchy.

The ATR aircraft operated by Indigo Airlines was parked in the bay on Sunday night. According to airport sources, a cargo vehicle that was approaching the bay lost control and rammed into the aircraft. Though none were injured, this resulted in a minor damage to the outer body of the plane.

Following the incident, officials from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) visited the bay and inspected the flight. They denied permission to operate the aircraft, stating that it could not be operated without a fitness test.

This forced the airline to cancel four flights between Chennai and Tiruchy scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Airport sources said the flight would be operated after the BCAS clears it for operation after test.






Daily Thanthi